Back en route!

Hello, I’m back!

I’m sorry I didn’t get round to finishing my Year Abroad posts. This was by no means intentional, but I’m actually quite glad I didn’t finish writing about Peru, Bolivia and northern Argentina. It would have been hard to do justice to all the amazing experiences I had, especially if I wrote them after returning back home. I had the most fantastic time in South America (and on my year abroad in general), and I’m sure that anyone reading this will have heard about it from me first hand at some point in the last year!

I am now thrilled to have finished university and to have time to travel again. The next stop on my adventure is a quick trip to Eastern Europe before I graduate in July. As always, plans are fairly flexible, but we aim to work our way from Budapest to Prague before popping over to Barcelona for some Spanish sun. I haven’t had much time to  plan the particulars of the trip, but I’m looking forward to going with the flow a bit more and hopping on the travel bus that my friend Katy will be leading.

I’m off on Friday and am really excited to visit places I’ve heard such great things about from so many friends. Let me know if you have any tips!


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