Part 3: Uruguay

So we went on a day trip to Uruguay.

I was offered to join in on a boat trip, and it was just too good an opportunity to turn down for the sake of work and/or language school (hard working, I am…). We got an early morning train to San Isidro, before walking to a watersports shop to meet our captain for the day. For £1200, 6 of us were able to go to Uruguay and back – that’s just over £10 each!

After a few complications at passport control (they thought I was still in Brazil) we were ready for the 2.5 hour boat ride across the river (?)

The journey was probably the best part anyway; the river between Argentina and Uruguay is really beautiful. There are loads of stilted houses and food shops, and people chilling in hammocks along the bank of the river. We were able to sit up on the front of the boat and sunbathe, and on the way back we had a fantastic view of the sunset over the sea. I have never felt so relaxed (and grateful not to be at uni right now)!

Uruguay itself was fairly underwhelming. Rather than going to Montevideo or Punto del Este, the more popular tourist sites, we headed for Carmelo, a rather dead and unexciting town. It was fun to see Uruguay, but our 2 hour lunch stop was definitely long enough!

It was a great day trip though, and a perfect opportunity to top up my tan. I was also excited to add a third stamp to my passport!












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