Awesome Foursome hits Paris

I’ve been back in Scotland for two weeks now, but I want to properly finish the Paris part of the blog before I start the second half of my Year Abroad…

Three of my fab friends came to stay mid-December, so I obviously wanted to show them a good time. Despite the horrible weather, which unfortunately prevented us from going up the Eiffel Tour, we actually managed to see quite a lot of the city. I was particularly pleased with our Sunday morning walk, which enabled us to fit in Notre Dame, Shakespeare and Company, Le Pont des Arts, a quick whizz around the Louvre, a walk through the Tuileries and a trip to the Champs-Elysées Christmas market between devouring a croissant for breakfast and a crepe (or two) for lunch. Impressive, huh!

We did a lot of eating – and I really do mean a lot -, but what else would you expect from a weekend in Paris with me? Tapas and cocktails on Friday, Holybelly brunch on Saturday (after queing for almost 2 hours in the rain…), proper French cuisine (croissants, crepes, and a wine and cheese night) on Sunday…we certainly ate our way around the city!

IMG_9440 IMG_9394

It was actually one of the best weekends of my five months in Paris. It was so nice to see the city through other people’s eyes one final time before I left; it really reminded me how amazingly beautiful it is. It also made me realise how at home I was by the end of my stay – I felt like a proper tour guide every time they asked me what a random building was or I provided some unnecessary information about a restaurant we passed.

Anyway, enough of the chit chat. Here are some photos from the weekend.

IMG_9451 IMG_9372IMG_9477

IMG_9468 IMG_9465

IMG_9518  IMG_9438 IMG_9432 IMG_9419IMG_9430


IMG_9395 IMG_9390 IMG_9338

IMG_9331 IMG_9325 IMG_9324

IMG_9323 IMG_9307 IMG_9302

IMG_9376 IMG_9375

IMG_9374 IMG_9282

IMG_9273 IMG_9262

I’m already getting excited about the next Awesome Foursome weekend away. We’re thinking Iceland or Rome for December 2015, but who knows where we’ll end up!


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