This post has caused me a fair amount of stress. I was planning on combining food and art in one big bundle of happiness, but it just got way too long. That was the first problem.

The second problem was that I had been planning on saving this place up for a big post I’m planning about all my favourite restaurants. But I think this place is good enough to have a post of its own.

The art can come later.


But first, let’s talk about food.

 Not just any food, though, but The Best Brunch in Paris. So good, in fact, that we just can’t stay away.


Holybelly opened a year ago. Since then, this American-style eatery has gained an enormous fanbase. Customers are so loyal, in fact, that they went crazy on social media when Holybelly received a rare bad review on Trip Adviser. That’s true foodie love for you!

Holybelly is in the 10th Arrondisement, right next to Bob’s Juice Bar (another popular foodie haunt, with a branch conveniently located right around the corner from our flat). Although they serve breakfast throughout the week (but not on Tuesdays and Wednesdays…), the restaurant is renowned for its weekend brunch menu.

They offer a special dish each week, which could be eggs of your choice with pecans and fried brie, breakfast burritos, deep fried pork, or even spicy ‘dosa’ pancakes. This weekend’s special is described as “Melty housemade biscuit, juicy housemade merguez, tasty housemade cheese whiz, green tomato jap and jalapeños topped with eggs any style! BABOOM!” You get the picture.


1898196_884034354941000_9023446522244085578_n 10389078_887785361232566_3979670302034444022_n


Holybelly is famous for its pancakes. Sophia is keen to try the American-style bacon, maple syrup and fried egg stack, while I’m more tempted by the heaped fruit and yoghurt ones. mmm

Their granola and muesli options also look amazing (the current menu features a black rice porridge with coconut milk and berries…), but who really wants porridge for a Saturday brunch?

Boring and predictable, we both went for poached eggs both times we visited Holybelly. They were just too good the first time!



The eggs are a popular choice. You can have them as you like, and choose two sides to accompany them. The eggs are perfectly poached, the bread is deliciously warm, and for some reason it just works really, really well. You won’t understand until you’ve tried them yourself!


Just too excited

Holybelly is also famous for its coffee. I had a chai tea latte the first time (a great choice), but we both opted for the coffee when we went last weekend, and it was pretty fab.



 I am already desperate to go back a third time. I know it would be silly to take English guests to an American restaurant when there are so many great French places to try, but I think I may have to take my friends when they visit in December. And my sister when she comes. And visit during the week to try the main courses. And make sure to try the weekend special at some point. And the porridge. And the pancakes. You get the jist, I’m obsessed!!

IMG_8028A Holybelly is a happy belly.

(Art post coming soon, sorry!)

*A few of these photos were taken from the Holybelly website. I hope that’s ok – I don’t yet know much about bloggers’ etiquette!


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