The One Where We Welcome A Famous Model Into Our Humble Abode

In all the excitement of moving to Paris, starting my job and trying to become a chic French woman, I somehow managed to overlook the fact that I would get to experience the excitement of Paris Fashion Week, possibly the chicest of them all. Or rather, the fact that I would get to experience the effects of Paris Fashion Week on my nicely structured routine…My commute, already pretty busy and unpleasant, was suddenly slower and even less enjoyable. My morning run was disturbed by the enormous tent erected in the Tuileries, forcing me to take a less attractive route home (a Third World Problem, I am well aware). Even walking down Boulevard Sebastopol (one of the least chic streets of the Paris Fashion scene) was near impossible.

However, there were definitely some advantages to having my hometown (see what I did there?) invaded by the Fashion police. My Instagram feed was suddenly full of cool places to go in Paris, while the city also became the focal point of every blog, magazine and website I read at work. People watching became significantly more exciting; you could play a fun game of ‘spot the model’ on the tube. Also, most importantly, I got an unexpected text from my little sister on the Friday afternoon announcing that she was suddenly coming to Paris for the weekend: by far the best thing to come out of Fashion Week!

She was going to arrive on Saturday night, so we stuck to our plans for dinner and drinks on Friday night.

IMG_6948IMG_6953 IMG_0347

It was gloriously sunny on Saturday morning, so I went for a wander while Sophia was recovering from her hangover.


There were some exciting-looking tents in the Tuileries, but unfortunately these were only open to the Fashion crowd, so I had to make do with taking photos through the railings…

IMG_6975  IMG_6971

IMG_6969 IMG_6970

I then wandered past the Louvre to inspect the tourists.

IMG_6968 IMG_6967 IMG_6966

IMG_6965 IMG_6963 IMG_6961

And finally had a quick walk around Pompidou. There seemed to be a lot going on: the Duchamp exhibition had opened just a few days earlier, and there were loads of workshops and activities for children. Feeling to stingy to pay for the actual exhibition, I only visited the free bit in the basement, which turned out to be really cool. My favourite part was a ‘cinema room’ where five films were shown simultaneously:

IMG_6929 IMG_6993 IMG_6989  

IMG_6992 IMG_6991 IMG_6990

When Gracie finally arrived, we went out for dinner and a catch up at a restaurant just round the corner. SO cute, isn’t she?


We didn’t do anything exceptional on Sunday, but spent the day walking around the Marais and along the river, stopping for regular coffee and coke breaks.


It was so nice to show her Paris, and to have a big catch up after all the excitement of Fashion Month. (In case you don’t know already, GG walked exclusively for Burberry in London and barely left the catwalk in Milan. She’s a proper model now!)

IMG_6817 00200h_592x888IMG_7114.JPG

After her fitting on Sunday evening, the lucky girl got to experience our exciting Sunday night routine…We made a pretty yummy green curry, though, and watched some Downton. We may be gradually becoming Parisiennes, but Downton is a Sunday night essential!


She ended up staying until Tuesday evening, so I was able to meet her for lunch a couple of times, which made my working day slightly brighter!

I hope she enjoyed the visit as much as I did. The many thumbs-up photos may suggest that she did!

IMG_7020 IMG_7033 IMG_7013

And one for the fans – here she is, the sleeping beauty!



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