Paris Paris Paris

I have been in Paris for a week now, and am loving every minute of it. I am doing a French course to improve a bit before I start working at the end of the month, which leaves me with plenty of free time in the mornings and afternoons to wander around and find my bearings. I am very lucky to be living in the Marais, one of the most exciting arrondissements in the city, and am amazed by how much there is to do in the area. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to fit everything in, even with five months here!


Here are a few of the things that I have done so far:

  • Moved to Paris with four enormous suitcases.
  • Had a spoiling Sunday with brunch at Hotel Costes and steak at Chez Julien
  • Found a yummy frozen yoghurt shop and got a loyalty card. I’ve already been back two more times.
  • Celebrated Sophia’s 20th birthday at a classic French bistro on the lovely Rue Montorgeuil


  • Had brunch with my mummy at the Pain Quotidien.
  • Survived 26 hours of French classes. Learnt a lot.
  • Visited the Galleries Lafayette and got very lost.
  • Bought macarons at Pierre Hermé.


  • Been on four beautiful runs, taking a different route each time: along the banks of the Seine, through the Jardin des Tuileries and the Jardin de Luxembourg, and to the Parc de Bercy.




  • Been on a tour of the Gallerie Vivienne and the Passages Colbert and Choseuil. (School trip).
Just chilling with my classmates

  Just chilling with my classmates

  • Finally made some friends at school and went out for Mojitos in the Latin Quarter.
  • Been shopping with Sophia for things for our apartment, and got way too excited about tupperwear and teaspoons.



  • Watched a tai-chi class on the bank of the Seine.
  • Been chatted up in the street by a couple of funny Frenchmen.
  • Been spoken to in English by way too many shop assistants.
  • Made some delicious meals with Sophia. Maybe this blog should actually be called DeliciouslyEliza?


  • Watched Les Choristes and various badly-dubbed TV programs.
  • Drunk a lot of coffee.
  • Spoken a lot of French.
  • Made a lot of lists of fun things to do in Paris.

Tonight, we are going to the Forum des Images, an open air cinema near Les Halles which sounds quite cool, and tomorrow we’re planning on taking part in a free workout class on the bank of the Seine before going to our local market for a big food shop. A pretty perfect weekend!

À bientôt!


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